Valeria Witsch

Strategy & Insights

SevenOne AdFactory GmbH

Valeria Witsch heads the Strategy & Insights department at the SevenOne AdFactory since 2017. She made her career at the ProSiebenSat.1 Group as part of the SevenOne AdFactory Business Development team and the Group’s B2B-Marketing department. Valeria holds a Master’s degree in Behavioral Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her work focuses on branding strategies based on the observation and analysis of consumer behavior and market developments.


Tom Schwarz


SevenOne AdFactory GmbH

Tom Schwarz, 48, is the CEO and Head of Creation at SevenOne AdFactory since 2016. The qualified designer made his career leading the entire creative department at Ogilvy & Mather Düsseldorf. Before Tom had already been a member of the management board, as head of the creative department, at Jung von Matt/Spree, Jung von Matt/Donau and DDB Düsseldorf. Over the path of his career he has been awarded with over 400 national and international awards.

Behavioral Bites -
Strategies and Insights for Business


In a new monthly thought piece SevenOne AdFactory CEO Tom Schwarz and Strategy and Insights Manager Valeria Witsch offer a perspective on human behavior, and what these insights could mean for new brands and their marketing strategies.

SevenOne AdFactory's Strategy and Insights team specializes in the development of creative brand strategies based on the observation and analysis of behavioral insights and market developments.

The perceived unique

by Valeria Witsch

Advertising in the era of the individual

People of today are desperate to assert their individualism but deep rooted in all of us is the need to belong to a wider movement. Successful international brands succeed in meeting both needs with products which feel like true one-offs but also offer mass appeal. Apple puts their users at the centre of their advertising, for example, while at the same time selling products which mean membership to an exclusive worldwide club. Brands flourishing in today’s society should show this higher purpose and also offer their users space to identify.