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The Future of Marketing - Six Trends for 2017

The Future of Marketing - Six Trends for 2017

Influencer marketing, Big Data, mobile commerce and the fusion of online, offline and mobile applications were the dominant buzzwords of the past year. At the start of the new year, we dare to peer into the crystal ball and reveal which six trends marketers should have on their list in 2017.

1.  The right place at the right time

The story functions featured in Snapchat, Instagram and live streaming make it possible: one of the decisive trends in this year will be real time storytelling. Brand communication will therefore generally become more close-up and personal. As a result, the primary objective for enterprises is to listen to their target group in real-time, in order to provide them with targeted communication and relevant content.


2.  Brands take control

As in previous years, 2017 will also be defined by an increase in mobile traffic. With the significant difference being that this year, for the first time, there will be more traffic from mobile than desktop applications. From a content marketing perspective this means that the focus should continue to be placed on the topic mobile user experience. In addition, Google has already announced that in the future, preference will be given to mobile-optimized websites. Keyword: SEO.


3.  The rise of micro influencers

Influencer marketing picked up speed in 2016 and this trend will continue in 2017. But despite the existing euphoria, we are likely to experience a growing loss of credibility among major industrial influencers. The solution: micro influencers with a reach of between 1,000 and 100,000 users. They enjoy a high degree of trust among their followers of predominantly family members and friends, and therefore – according to current surveys – they have a great influence on their audience. Another advantage: micro influencers are available at affordable prices and are consequently interesting even for smaller marketing budgets.  


4.  Hands-on technology: Internet of Things

Wearables transport the phenomenon Internet of Things further into the mass market and increase acceptance among end consumers. Devices with clear benefits – like fitness armbands – have performed successfully. High hopes are also being placed on devices like the Amazon Echo or Google Home, which are intended to increasingly support the spread of smart technology. It will become important for marketers to use the thereby obtained data and the brand positioning options efficiently to bind the brand even more tightly to the own target group.


5.  Video is king – and keeps getting better

This year, videos will assume a major role in marketing. Not that it hasn’t already been the case in the past, but in 2017 video content will dominate screens in improved quality and provide marketing managers with more opportunities than ever before. The buzzwords of the hour: virtual and augmented reality. Brands better start thinking about targeted video strategies now, if they don’t want to miss out on this trend.


6.  Across all channels

Speaking of video: clever omnichannel campaigns, which tell stories across TV screens, tablets and smartphones and whet consumer appetites while providing them with information, are one of the most provocative art forms in advertising today – and will become even more significant this year. Viewers will consequently become a growing part of the experience and interact with the brand in real-time. It is therefore imperative that marketers start thinking beyond the boundaries of devices and formats. 


Of course this list is far from being complete – but it does provide a good initial insight into the leading trends that this year holds in store for marketers. Enterprises should, however, plan to leave a bit of room for unforeseen developments.