Tilo Bonow

Tilo Bonow is founder and CEO of PIABO, the leading PR agency for the European digital economy headquartered in Berlin. He established PIABO to provide tech entrepreneurs with the dynamics to bring their ideas to market and subsequently grew PIABO’s core business to support entrepreneurs and businesses to actively recognize potentials, identify and achieve growth targets, and ultimately own the market. His portfolio includes European startups and international tech heavyweights such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Tinder, Evernote, Techstars, Yelp, Github, Withings and Houzz.

Frank Büch

For many years now, Frank Büch has held a management position in Sales and Marketing at the Berlin Public Transport Company (BVG) and since 2016 is Head of Marketing. Since that time he is responsible for the image campaign #becauseweloveyou (#weilwirdichlieben). He has years of experience in specifically addressing the topics customer retention and user interface and has managed a wide variety of digitalization projects.

Allan Perrottet & Roy Bernheim

T-Bô was founded by two young entrepreneurs Allan Perrottet and Roy Bernheim in a drive to create bodywear that was fit for the modern day man. Allan and Roy are both Swiss-natives. Allan grew up in the French-speaking and Roy in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. A mutual friend connected them and this is when the journey began. Prior to co-founding T-Bô, Allan ran a custom-made suiting business. He also worked in quality assurance at a certification company whilst completing his studies in Economics at Fribourg University in Switzerland. Before co-founding T-Bô, Roy headed the own-brands division of a large distribution company in Asia-Pacific. Prior to this he gained valuable experience in Venture Acceleration. He studied Economics at University College London.