Florian Pauthner

Florian Pauthner is Managing Director of SevenVentures. Previous he served as an M&A advisor for one of the biggest financial institutions of Northern Europe and worked for a leading consultancy.

Florian Weber

Florian Weber is Senior Director Business Development at SevenVentures. Prior to SevenVentures he worked, among others, for a leading publisher & media group as well as a leading international bank. He is a specialist for media impact analysis.

Frank Büch

For many years now, Frank Büch has held a management position in Sales and Marketing at the Berlin Public Transport Company (BVG) and is currently Head of Marketing there. He has years of experience in specifically addressing the topics customer retention and user interface and has managed a wide variety of digitalization projects. In this context, the marketing expert has launched the social media activities of the BVG. In 2016 Frank Büch took over as Head of Marketing. Since that time he is responsible for the image campaign #becauseweloveyou (#weilwirdichlieben).