Johanna Teichmann

Johanna Teichmann studied communication and business management. Her occupational history begun in a media agency and she is currently working as Head of Advertising Research at SevenOne Media.

Jürgen Schwarz

Jürgen Schwarz is head of Capitalmind’s Retail & Consumer Business practice in Germany, and has 17+ years of experience in international M&A advisory with Corporates, Family offices and Private Equity investors. Previously, he was a co-founder and managing director of Outfitter GmbH (, focusing on pure online soccer & team sports retail); and Alpha Industries Europe GmbH (, focusing on manufacturing in Asia, marketing, and wholesale distribution of apparel fashion lines to leading players such as Otto Group, Karstadt, Metro Group, Peek & Cloppenburg and El Corte Inglés). Jürgen is member of the advisory board of OUTFITTER and STORCK Bicycle Group.