Klaus-Dieter Koch

Klaus-Dieter Koch is one of the most experienced brand strategy advisers in Europe: From a very early stage, he focused on the topic of brand as a management tool and has been advising corporations and medium-sized companies on how to increase the value of the company through their brand for more than 25 years. In 2003, Klaus-Dieter Koch founded BrandTrust because he recognized the enormous untapped potential of brand management as a value-added driver for companies and institutions.

Robert Kronekker

Robert Kronekker, founder of Hafervoll, is a nutritionist, sports and fitness administrator and holds an additional qualification as "specialist in industrial baked goods". At his company Hafervoll he is responsible for product development, quality management and purchasing.

Alexandra Kurmulis

Alexandra was previously Manager in the SevenVentures Media Investments team. Prior to SevenVentures Alexandra gained practical experience in consulting and the luxury goods industry. She holds a Master´s degree in Mathematics of Finance from Columbia University and a Bachelor's degree in Business Management from the University of London.