Olaf Schlesiger

Olaf Schlesiger is an expert in the field of advertising impact. The Senior Research Manager Advertising Research at SevenOne Media has been overseeing baseline studies and case studies to measure advertising impact since 2001. Simultaneous to this position, he is Research Manager for TV at the genre initiative Screenforce and represents the category television in various committees.

Oliver Dietrich

Working as a creative and innovation director for ad agencies and digital agencies around the globe, Oliver joined P7S1 2013 and leads P7S1 Creative Ideation. Moreover, he steers, supervises and guides TV campaigns for SevenVentures. Oliver made his career devising storytelling campaigns for both young companies and corporate brands as Mercedes-Benz, Audi,, Tomtom, O2, Koachwach, Filabe, Black Tears and many more. He is the proud owner of over 300 international creative, innovation and strategy awards.