Tilo Bonow

Tilo Bonow is founder and CEO of PIABO, the leading PR agency for the European digital economy headquartered in Berlin. He established PIABO to provide tech entrepreneurs with the dynamics to bring their ideas to market and subsequently grew PIABO’s core business to support entrepreneurs and businesses to actively recognize potentials, identify and achieve growth targets, and ultimately own the market. His portfolio includes European startups and international tech heavyweights such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Tinder, Evernote, Techstars, Yelp, Github, Withings and Houzz.

Tina Weise

Tina Weise is a Brand Strategist at MetaDesign. She previously worked as a Project Manager for the digital agency Pixelpark (now Publicis Pixelpark) and taught herself programming. She spent three years founding and developing her very own clothing brand. Tina studied Entrepreneurship and SME Management at the University of Maastricht, where she gained experience in advising start-ups.

Tom Schwarz

Tom Schwarz, is the CEO and Head of Creation at SevenOne AdFactory since 2016. The qualified designer made his career leading the entire creative department at Ogilvy & Mather Düsseldorf. Before Tom had already been a member of the management board, as head of the creative department, at Jung von Matt/Spree, Jung von Matt/Donau and DDB Düsseldorf. Over the path of his career he has been awarded with over 400 national and international awards.

Torsten Enders

Torsten Enders is Client Service Director at the specialized B2B agency Saatchi & Saatchi pro, where he is responsible for the Telekom account. He previously managed the accounts of Telefonica/O2, Audi and other companies for the United Digital Group (UDG). He acquired his expertise in a longstanding career as freelance consultant for digital communication, strategy and concept development at agencies like C3, trommsdorff+drüner, zweimaleins, Piabo as well as for corporate enterprises.