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Oliver Dietrich
Oliver Dietrich
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Campaign: Zalando: “Me. Unlimited”

Campaign: Zalando: “Me. Unlimited”

Every month Oliver Dietrich, Director of Creative Ideation, offers his feedback on recent marketing campaigns and what growth companies can learn. This month he takes a look at the latest brand campaign from Zalando with the promising title: “Me. Unlimited”


Zalando: “Me. Unlimited”



TV, DOOH, Social Media, Mobile


#1: The importance of brand is vital for ecommerce platforms in the longer term. Especially with regards fashion and lifestyle platforms.

#2: Testimonials and fashion go really well together. But when they are boringly staged and the storyline is interchangeable, the TV campaign suffers.

#3: Even the most successful have moments of weakness and can get it wrong.


Ah, Zalando. Finally something new and fashion as well, wow this will surely be your biggest and best campaign! High expectations indeed. And with that, the expansion of your portfolio and a campaign with international appeal. Back with classic brand ads. A clear statement: fashion without limits.


To get the brand out there and utilise the incredible branding potential of TV advertising. Und with that, communicate a clear message: with us you can live out your own personal fashion style, regardless of who you are and where you live. We have everything to suit you and your lifestyle.


Great images, great testimonials (musician Beth Ditto, athlete Alexandra Wester, model and activist Hanne Gaby Odiele and singer Sonia Ben Ammar). Good director (Andrew Rothschild). The right insight. Despite all of this, a boring TV ad. A generic vignette film, seen a thousand times before, no energy or build up of excitement, strangely anaemic and very forgettable.

Oli’s Verdict: Hot or Not?

Definitely not hot.  Or staying with the clothes analogy: Old fashioned.

A real pity. Zalando has set high standards in recent years with their TV ads and campaigns. Both creatively and strategically.